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At NISV, the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid, shorty Beeld en Geluid in Dutch) we host a so-called experimental environment (X-omgeving in Dutch) to foster research and innovation in the area of accessing large multimedia data collections. The X-environment can be seen as a ICT infrastructure that encloses both data collections and tools to work with the data, such as tools for audio and video analysis, search and visualisation. On top of the X-environment we develop experimental products or innovation LABs around specific use cases. For example, we have the Media Suite that functions as a innovation LAB to work with scholars in the Humanities on research questions related to novel types of (often data-driven) scholarly research using large multimedia data collections.

Either wihtin or outside a specific LAB, the X-environment provides the opportunity to do ICT-related research with multimedia data collections on various levels. Beeld en Geluid works closely together with universities and research institutes in the Netherlands. We offer internship positions on Bachelor and Master level as well as possibilities to work with us as embedded PhD student or researcher (often via a research /innovation project). We also welcome applications for new research topics. In the topics menu, you find a list of topics in different areas that you can select or use as inspiration.