Bring It On

recording & production of R'Jacob Freddy's album (2018-2020)

The goal of this project was to (re-)record a number of songs of mine, some of them dating from Grafton (rockband active in the ‘90), and publish them as an official album. As I did everything by myself using home recording equipment it took me some time to record and produce it. Especially the mixing part was time-consuming as I had to learn ‘on the fly’, dealing with not-so-perfect recordings and relatively basic equipment. However, I was quite pleased with the final result given the circumstances, although it would be really really nice to have the opportunity once to record some of the songs with professional equipment, technicians and of course, musicians! It would also be great to do some live performances with a group of musicians but I guess this would be a matter of stumbling upon opportunities and people as my time is too limited to even thinking of bringing a group together.