Kind in Gesprek met Media

Responsible Child-Robot Interaction in Search for Videos from an Archive (2019-2022)

Funded by SIDN and CLICKNL, University of Twente and Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision collaborate in a project on interaction with archived media, for example in a Museum context, using robots specifically with children in mind. Especially because of this target group, responsible design of the AI involved is central to the project. This project nicely combines two topics of interest of mine: spoken conversational search, as an alternative method for accessing audiovisual archives using speech technology in a dialogue, and responsible AI for children.

I am the Principal Investigator (PI) of the project that is run by Khiet Truong (Associate professor) and two PhD students (Ella Velner and Thomas Beelen) under supervision of Vanessa Evers and Theo Huibers. The development team of the NISV Innovation labs provide support for running experiments using archive data.