On the 30rd of June 2022, the CLARIAH project organised its quarterly Tech Day at the IISG to present and discuss progress on the development of the CLARIAH Infrastructure. We started with a short introduction on how we arrived at the Shared Development Roadmap that is clustered around 7 topics that will guide the development of the CLARIAH infrastructure for the coming years:

  1. How do we aim for FAIR data in CLARIAH? Femmy Admiraal (Part 1) and Menzo Windhouwer (Part 2).

  2. Vocabularies, what are they for and how do we support them in CLARIAH by Menzo Windhouwer

  3. How can we help scholars finding tools they need by Maarten van Gompel

  4. How can we guide scholars towards the CLARIAH infrastructure and its resources: Soft-launch of INEO, the CLARIAH Portal by Sebastiaan Fluitsma

  5. How we want to support multimedia, cross-platform annotations in CLARIAH by Hennie Brugman

  6. How CLARIAH aims to facilitate creation of Data Stories & computational scholarship by Menzo Windhouwer

  7. How can we build a robust & scalable infrastructure: Distribution & Deployment, what does this mean by Thomas Vermaut

We closed the meeting with a formal handover of the CLARIAH project lead from Antal van den Bosch who recently was appointed Professor of Language, Communication and Computation to Dirk van Miert, director of Huygens ING, who emphasized the need to connect and communicate with the potential users of the CLARIAH infrastructure, in addition to the development work discussed during the Tech Day.